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Utvecklare: Vikash Bardia

MoBell is a doorbell reminder that can be linked to your address book and calendar as well as allow you to send an instant doorbell ring whenever you like. Features include:

•Create MoBell unique doorbell reminders to contacts that are used most often
•Assign MoBell doorbell reminders for regular scheduled appointments
•Assign MoBell doorbell reminders for ad hoc and impromptu meetings
•Synch events from your calendar and assign a MoBell
•Send an instant doorbell ring as required when visiting someone who doesn’t have a ‘real’ doorbell

With MoBell, doorbells will never be the same again. If you have a friend coming over, set a MoBell in your calendar and the ‘doorbell’ will ring when they are due to arrive. And if they are late, you need not worry because if you are connected via MoBell they can instantly send you a MoBell ring to let you know they have arrived.

With MoBell, you won’t need to own a regular doorbell ever again, as long as you assign a MoBell to all of the contacts that you socialise with regularly.

MoBell puts your doorbell in the palm of your hand.

MoBell is also handy when setting appointments in your calendar, giving you a timely ring when your guests are due to arrive.

Once you have MoBell, make sure all of your friends and contacts have it too so that you can share in the fun of having a doorbell that rings when you want it to or when you are expecting it to.

MoBell ‘Lite’ allows you to assign five MoBell’s to your contacts, while the paid version is unlimited.